venerdì 13 gennaio 2012


Hello my dear fans English! I know many of my readers speak English and so I think it is right to open a small corner for them.
I'm Deborah .. but I prefer to Debby, are an Italian girl born in Cagliari in Sardinia, I love my island and my sea, but unfortunately does not allow me to find a job easily. Living on an island, Sardinian us, we are excluded from the world, in the sense that it is very difficult to move to live outside of Sardinia. My dream is to be able to move with my boyfriend in a place that ensure a healthy, happy and short .. normal!
I am a makeup artist, and I have a youtube video where the audience makeup. But being an 'artist in my channel is also involved in: design, polymer clay sculptures, vlogs, etc.
I have lots of dreams ..
Become a fashion blogger would be the biggest step to make. I went to high school fashion and for this I hope.
Become a makeup artist known.
Make a story of my manga chapters.
Working for Disney as a dancer, actress and singer.
Becoming a voice actor / actress big or small screen.

I hope to realize at least one.
We hope with all my heart ... and I know that starting a blog to tell you my story you would support me.
Thank you for your support .. for me is really special and important ..
You are amazing!
Here are my photos so I could learn more!

My job.......



..............My dreams are the most important thing, and should be so for you too! Hello sweetness...


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